Kingwaytek Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in late December 2007, former Kingway Technology Co., Ltd., 1998-2007. Began with producing 1/5000 digital maps (mountain area 1/10000), Kingwaytek develops a series of digital map database products as major business operations. Kingwaytek is also the only map provider in Taiwan that concentrates on producing digital maps at present.

Started from GIS professional applications and with its sophisticated technique and engineers, Kingwaytek translates trivial but complex words, numbers, and data into profitable spatial information, based on 1/5000 orthophoto base map from Aerial Survey Office, satellite image, aerial photogrammetry, and field drive test survey. This spatial information database provides diverse GIS application analyses and commercial affairs applications, and thus becomes the best tool for most application platforms to develop and apply.

For many years, Kingway has been credited with its efforts in each field. After setting up Kingwaytek Technology Co., Ltd., Kingwaytek combines more powerful partners to expand its service and business.

In the future, besides providing its digital products in existence, Kingwaytek will offer more and high quality products to the customers by accumulating more resources to develop professional map information, digital content, software tool development, and integrated software technique.